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Certified Holistic Life Coach in Lincoln, CA

ABOUT Robin Auger

Certified Holistic Life Coach in Lincoln, CA


I am a professional certified holistic life coach in Lincoln, CA, and a psychic reader, teacher, ordained minister, ULC, doctor of metaphysics (honoris causa, ULC), and a certified Reiki practitioner.

I have been working as a professional psychic medium since 2010.  I started doing phone readings for California psychics. Soon after, in 2012, I built my website My clientele started to grow locally and also brought people to me from as far away as North Carolina, New York, Germany, Canada, and England.


Becoming an Intuitive Life Coach and Empath


In 2013, I started reading at a local metaphysical store in Roseville, CA. As my clientele returned repeatedly and began scheduling appointments for weekly sessions, it occurred to me that I was actually coaching them. Together we began setting goals. I started working with them on what the underlying emotion was that was being triggered and how to change the reaction and what emotional blocks would clear the way to achieve them. I provide behavior awareness and tools to change reactions to the things that are repeatedly causing complication and pain, such as boundary setting, coping skills, codependency issues, and working with the “inner child.” 

Thus, The Intuitive Life Coach Solution.

Robin Auger Personally

I have always worked with individuals and couples, and love working with children and adolescents. I still do psychic readings via Skype or phone and hold communication counseling classes for people who are truly gifted, by coaching them on how to understand these gifts and care for themselves.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, married at 19, and divorced at 49. I have 2 biological sons, 3 adopted girls, 6 6 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. I love my family very much and my grandchildren are my gemstones. The holidays are my favorite time of year. I grew up camping, but have I graduated to house boating. No more sleeping on the ground for this girl! 

I love planting flowers and doing yardwork, redesigning my house and being creative. I find a good movie and a blanket to cuddle up with is a great way to relax too. I am fully devoted to my work as it fills me up, and I considering it a privilege to be a guide to people who are struggling with life’s challenges.

IIntuitive Life Coach

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