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Effective Career Coaching in Lincoln, CA


Get the career advice you need by scheduling an appointment with Intuitive Life Coach Solutions. I offer career coaching in Lincoln, CA, to help you determine the right path to take to achieve the goals you have for your future. I will also offer advice on how to properly balance work and life as well as how to deal with the stressful situations your job may place you in.


I work with individuals at all levels of their career, from fresh graduates looking for their first job to seasoned professionals who need a change. Additionally, I can help you work on your resume and provide interview practice so that you are ready to apply to the next step in your career.

Mid-Career Consulting

Do you need assistance determining whether you should stay at your current job or take a new position? At Intuitive Life Coach Solutions, I am here to help. I offer consulting services for clients who are struggling with mid-career decisions. With these services, I will assist you in deciding several factors about your current career goals and what changes would help you achieve your plans. This way, you have the best possible chance of overcoming the career issues in your life.


Additionally, when you are planning to change jobs from one company to another, I offer career transition coaching. With this coaching service, I will give you advice on how to best succeed in your new position, while also maintaining a positive relationship with your former employer.

Working on Getting the Job


Ensure your interview skills and resume are up to the standards of modern companies by taking advantage of my consulting services. I will work with you to refresh your resume, ensuring that the information on it is accurate and up-to-date and that your qualifications make you stand out.  I will also help you with mock interviews so that you can experience the types of questions recruiters frequently ask. So when you need to get help with resumes and interview skills, turn to my office for the assistance you require.

Dealing With Conflict in the Workplace


While at work, always maintain a calm and collected personality, especially when conflict arises. At Intuitive Life Coaching Solutions, I offer techniques and advice on how to properly handle conflict and find efficient resolutions. SO when you need assistance overcoming conflicts in the workplace, then reach out to my office to take advantage of my conflict resolution coaching. Contact my office when you need career counseling and advice. I proudly serve clients in Lincoln, CA, and surrounding areas.​

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          Career Transitions


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