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Intuitive Life Coach and Empath in Lincoln, CA
"My deepest desire in honoring my gifts is to empower and motivate you with knowledge, understanding, and life skills to create your life mindfully and with confidence"...  

Intuitive Life Coach and Empath from Lincoln, CA                                                                    



Your Greatest Self.


By Robin Auger

Many of us try to commit to a relationship with others before developing a healthy, loving, and loyal relationship with ourselves. As an intuitive life coach and empath from Lincoln, CA, I can provide direct insight and guidance to people with daily struggles that they feel within themselves and their relationships.


No one I know thinks: 

“Hum... I want a relationship that is in constant turmoil. I am looking for someone who wants me to care take of them, love them, while my needs go unmet. He must disregard my feelings, be untrustworthy, avoid expressing feelings of intimacy toward me and will not let me have a voice. I must be made to feel diminished, worthless, crippled by codependency, enmeshed, and ashamed. Lack of boundaries, fear of them leaving me, tug of war, living my life in total unbalance...”


Get the picture? I may have gone to the far side, but as a psychic medium and life coach, I have met, read, and coached individuals dealing with this, and worse. I've been there myself.


This is what becomes of those of us who grew up in homes where our needs went unmet, and the validation that we needed to be in touch with the viable parts of ourselves were never fully met.


In order to develop a genuine sense of self, we need the validation of who we are as an individual. We can't connect or create a relationship with the parts of our self that have never been acknowledged as viable and healthy, or valuable as a child. Through communication counseling, we can choose to become fully engaged with the whole entity of who we are, and achieve it at every nook and cranny.


Most of us put more value on others than we do ourselves. To have freedom in a healthy loving genuine relationship with anyone else, we must first have a strong recognized relationship with our self and our own innate truth.


With conflict resolutions coaching, we discover a conscious awareness of what we need, how we feel, and what hurts, teaching us that respect and nurturing is what's required to establish a balance within ourselves, so that we can then take care of ourselves in healthy ways. Developing your own identity, being present to your individuality, and fully accepting you for you, allows you to have healthy and fulfilling relationships with people who are fully aware of themselves.  



   Why it's Phenomenal          





Why an intuitive Life Coach?

Working with an intuitive coach can be beneficial in a number of ways. Most people come to me looking for insight and direction to resolve pain, discomfort, and confusion in one or more areas of their life: 


Relationship Counseling

Communication Counseling

Career Coaching

Family Counseling

Health & Body Counseling    


Being an intuitive life coach and empath, I can feel and understand on an emotional level, quite accurately, what you're experiencing when it comes to relationships, emotional conflict or crisis, a feeling of separation from yourself or the world, no sense of purpose or career direction, family dysfunction, abuse, addiction, or gaining a sense of spirituality. I can often reach a deeper level of what you're experiencing than you are initially aware of yourself. I can not only see the bigger picture, but help you to expand you're perceptions and awareness, and help you learn to use your own intuition, which aids in achieving optimal outcomes.


Our sessions and psychic readings via skype or phone will leave you feeling empowered and motivated. With your gained knowledge, you’ll feel confident in decision making, and continue living your truth through exploration of what triggers you. Together we’ll find the root cause of what is hindering your well-being so that you’ll be able to heal and become whole.


I've been told that clients achieve more in a shorter amount of time with me than their traditional therapist, due to the way I can connect to them.

Contact me to get you on the path to self-recovery today. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to meet you.






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